Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

VI Young Researchers Meeting CIBERONC in collaboration with CIBEROBN

From Monday, November 6, 2023 to Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Welcome to the VI Young Researchers Meeting that will take place on  6th-7th November 2023.

This meeting will serve as a platform for young and senior scientists to share their projects, and advancements in the fields of oncology/cancer and nutrition/obesity.

The main topics for this meeting are:

·        New therapeutic strategies in Cancer Treatment.

·        Mechanism of immune escape in cancer development.

·        New technologies (3D culture, OMICS…).

·        Reducing clinical toxicities in combination therapies.

·        Molecular mechanisms governing adipose tissue formation.

·        Inflammation and obesity.

In addition to the presentations, we will have keynote lectures and round tables by renowned experts, who will share their experiences, knowledge, and advice to inspire the young researchers present. There will also be panel sessions and debates, where relevant and challenging topics facing the current scientific community will be discussed.

The meeting is exclusive for CIBERONC and CIBEROBN groups and linked groups.

Online registration is open now until 13th October.

Abstract submission is now open until 6th October, and you can submit your abstract via email to [email protected].

To stay updated on all the information related to the event, please regularly visit our website. Make sure to mark the VI Young Researchers Meeting on your calendars, as we hope to have an in-person gathering held in MALAGA.