Steering Committe

Each  thematic research area has a Steering Committee headed by the Scientific Director, which will be made up of the Assistant Director, where applicable, the coordinators of the research programmes, the coordinator of the Education Programme and the Manager of the Consortium.


  1. To advise and support the Scientific Director in performance of his or her duties.
  2. To participate in the preparation, development and execution of the programmes approved by the Governing Body
  3. To ensure coordination and cooperation between the different research programmes of the CIBER.
  4. To guarantee the integration and coherence between the scientific and management activities of the CIBER.
  5. To advise the Director on the CIBER’s policy for scientific-technological infrastructures.
  6. To inform the Director on the performance of the groups in the programmes.
  7. To advise the Scientific Director in the preparation of the general criteria of personnel policy and trainee personnel.

Members of the Steering Committee:

Ramón Martínez-Máñez Scientific Director
José Becerra Ratia Scientific Assistant Director
Jordi Aguiló Llobet Bioengineering and Medical Imaging Coordinator
Julio San Román del Barrio Biomaterials and Advanced Therapies Coordinator
M. Pilar Marco Colás Nanomedicine Coordinator
Jaume Veciana Miró ICTS / Platforms Coordinator
Simó Schwartz Navarro Industrial Transfer Coordinator
Ramón Mangues Bafalluy Translating Clinical Coordinator
Raimon Jané Campos Training Coordinator
Jesús Santamaría Ramiro Strategic Plan Coordinator
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Delgado Manager
Attached to Scientific Director: Begoña Pérez
Telephone: (+34) 876 555 474 / 636 30 45 03
Eduard Montanya Mías Scientific Director
Ángela Martínez Valverde Programme 1 Coordinator
Franz Martín Bermudo Programme 2 Coordinator
Antonio Zorzano Olarte Programme 3 Coordinator
Ángel Nadal Navajas Education Coordinator
Anna Novials Sardá Outreach Coordinator
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Delgado Manager

Jordi Bruix Tudó Scientific Director
Joan Caballería Rovira Training Programme Coordinator
Rafael Bañares Cañizares Liver damage mechanisms/evolution into advanced cirrhosis and transplants Coordinator
Pere Clavé Civit Gastrointestinal physiopathology: inflammatory disease and motility disorders Coordinator
Xavier Forns Bernhardt

Epidemiology, prevention and treatment of hepatitis virus infection Coordinator
Bruno Sangro Gómez-Acebo Hepatic and Digestive Oncology Coordinator
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Delgado Manager
Mª Luz Martínez-Chantar Transfer Coordinator

Pablo Lapunzina Badía Scientific Director
Susan Webb Scientific Assistant Director
Ángel Carracedo Genetic Medicine Programme
Rafael Artuch Inherited Metabolic Medicine Programme
Francesc Palau Mitochondrial and Neuromuscular Medicine Programme
Montserrat Milà Paediatric and Developmental Medicine Programme
Carmen Ayuso Sensorineural Pathology Programme
Susan Webb Endocrine Medicine Programme
Juan Antonio Bueren Inherited Cancer and Related Syndromes Programme
Luis Pérez Jurado Trainning Programme
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Delgado Manager

Ferran Barbé Illá Scientific Director
Jesús Ruiz-Cabello Osuna Scientific Assistant Director
Antoni Torres Martí

Chronic Respiratory Diseases Coordinator

Juan Fernando Masa Jiménez Infectious Respiratory Diseases Coordinator
Francisco Pérez Vizcaino

Singular Respiratory  Diseases Coordinator

Cristina Prat Aymerich

Training Programme Coordinator

Javier Muñoz Bravo

Scientific Programme Manager

Roser Mías Carballal Attached to Scientific Director
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Delgado Manager

Marina Pollán Scientific Director
Ángela Domínguez García Scientific Assistant Director
Marina Pollán Santamaría P1. Epidemiology and Control of Chronic Diseases
Pere Godoy García P2. Communicable Disease Prevention, Surveillance and Control (PREVICET)
Jordi Casabona Barbara P3. Biological and Behavioural Determinants in the Contraction and Spread of Communicable Diseases in Vulnerable Populations (DAPET Programme)
Antonio Daponte Codina P4. Social Determinants of Health
Adonina Tardón García P5. Epidemiology and Prevention in connection with Environmental and Occupational Health
Jordi Alonso Caballero P6. Health Service Evaluation
José Ignacio Pijoán Zubizarreta P7. Clinical Epidemiology
Beatriz Pérez Gómez Training Programme
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Delgado Manager

Carlos Diéguez González Scientific Director
Jordi Salas Salvadó Nutrition Programme
Gema Frühbeck Martínez Obesity Programme
José Manuel Fernández-Real Scientific Platforms
Manuel Tena Sempere Training Programme
Dolores Corella
Francisco Tinahones
Fernando Fernández-Aranda
Francesc Villaroya
Andreu Palou
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Delgado CIBER Manager
Attached to Scientific Management: Leticia Álvarez Mangas
Telephone: 670 67 66 63
Eduard Vieta Pascual Scientific Director
José Luis Ayuso Mateos Scientific Assistant Director
Víctor Pérez Sola Depression Programme Coordinator
Ana María González-Pinto Arrillaga Coordinador del programa Trastorno Bipolar
Benedicto Crespo-Facorro Schizophrenia Programme and Data Base Platform Coordinator and Data Base Common
Francesc Artigas Pérez Therapeutic Innovation Programme Coordinator
Josefina Castro Fornieles Mental Disorders of the Child and Adolescent Programme Coordinator
Juan Antonio Micó Training and Mobility Programme Coordinator
Rafael Tabarés-Seisdedos Quality and Internal Assessment Programme Coordinator
José Javier Meana Martínez CIBERSAM Platforms Coordinator and Bain Samples
José Manuel Menchón Magriña Psychosomatic,Anxiety and Impulse Control disorders Coordinator
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Delgado Gerente